Paul's  Story
For 43years fans have gathered in various venues; to see, listen to, and relive memories with Paul Butler -- as he does  "A Tribute to Elvis".

In 1965, at the age of 4, Paul learned his first songs.  He had went shopping with his mother and saw Elvis's Golden Records.  The cover was so enticing, he threw a tantrum till his mother gave in, on one condition, he learn every song  --  and he did.

Never one to be shy, Paul sang every chance he got, especially in school and with the family group in clubs around the area.  He began  his professional carrer  in 1972.

In 1977, he was  invited to perform in an Elvis Showcase with Joe Peace.  This was a full road show with an 18 piece band and the first show was a sold out concert on November 12, 1977.   This union lasted for about a year, Paul then signed a contract with The Sheridan Inn, Chicago, Illinois.  For 36 weeks he performed at 9 separate hotels on a rotating schedule.

Upon returning to Indiana, in 1979, he joined Calendar, a 50's group featuring Betty Lou and the Crestwoods along with Elvis  as  main attractions.  Paul and Calendar enjoyed 7 years of entertaining all over the mid west.

in 1985,   He also wandered into the business world with the largest home ice cream delivery service in the area, known as Frosty Delight;  while continuing a full time job as a school bus driver.
1989   Paul  continued his music with the foundation of  Partners In Crime band 

1990 While driving his school bus and running his Frosty Delight ice cream business Paul caught the attention of George Chiccarone producer  of Current Affair, an internationally syndicated television show.  He was pleased to become a  well known face on the show with multiple appearances, which led to Across Indiana, Local news, The Globe and various other venues following with the human interest story of Paul Elvis Butler.

In 1992, Paul began  showing up in new places.  He began making commercials (Studs,  Across Indiana, United Artist Cable, Delco Electronics, MCL Cafeterias, Elder Berman Department Stores, Budweiser, and  for various political campaigns).  These led to multiple segments on national and international television.

During 1992  Paul  received one of the greatest gifts he could dream  for:
he was given seats  at  the personal table of Wayne Newton  (Mr. Vegas)
 for 2  separate shows and invited backstage to spend time with the legend.
Mr. Newton introduced Paul to his audience and dedicated the last song of the night "McArthur Park"  to his new friend.

in 1993  In the later part of the year, to aid in flood victim relief project he produced and directed a television special "Elvis Alive" which raised $3000 and over 6 tons of food and household supplies for the victims, with the help of his sponsor Feed The Children.

  in 1995 he produced 2 albums:  "Shake A Hand"  --  a collection of spiritual music,  and "Memories  of Elvis"  --  a collection of his favorites. 

Over the next few years Paul continued entertaining and working with various charities such as:  The Heart Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Bikers Behind Bars, The United Way, Feed The Children, Riley Burn Clinic, Indiana Humane Society,  The Lions Club, The Leukemia Foundation, Vietnam  Veterans and Urban Housing Authority.

In 1997, after repeated prompting and request of the fans, Paul competed for the first time in the Images of Elvis competition, held in Memphis, Tennessee, during what is known as Elvis Week.  More good things continued to happen --- he appeared in People Magazine doing a fund raiser for special children, was featured in multiple international periodicals, and was doing shows with Indiana music legends Henry Lee Summer, Carl Storie, and Roadmaster.

In  1998, he once again finished in the top 4 at Images of Elvis competition.  Television coverage continued  --  48 hours with Dan Rather, Up To The Minute, Over The Edge, CBS Sunday Morning, and dozens of newscasts.  The high point of 1998  --  a new album  "If I Can Dream".

In 1999, Paul was announced as the winner of the "Spirit of Elvis" award. from the International  Elvis competition, Images of Elvis, in Memphis Tennessee.  He was featured in "Quest For The Crown" , "The Fans Of Elvis"  (a VH1 documentary).  He performed for the city of Memphis, in their downtown music fest for the third year.  In June, Paul released 2 new albums "Heart and Soul"  --  a selection of songs that truly touch the heart and "The Christmas Album"  -- a selection of seasonal music.

With a new millineum  on the horizon  Paul continued to surge on.  A new album was released in 2000  --  "Live From Memphis - 1999".   He toured in Las Vegas and  met with John Stuart of Legends  fame..   He was featured in  a new best seller "Elvis and You" and cameo in  yet another film  "Almost Elvis" and  never one to rest he appeared in   "Elvis  -  The Men Who  Would Be King"  a documentary for The Learning Channel and Discovery.

In the fall of 2000 he was presented with his 1st Oscar  from Dan Hall  CEO  of video media studios,   in recognition  for  his superb performances and charitable lifestyle.

In 2001  paul released a new album  "   LIVE FROM MEMPHIS   2000 "  and  Memphis was on fire with shows on the rooftop of the Peabody Hotel, and 2 shows for the Memphis Redbirds at the Autozone Park.   Paul was featured in a new book "Interesting People of Indiana" .  He continued  developing funding for  the up coming movie based on his life story.    And in October  formed a new road band named "The Graceland Boys".

In 2002 and he's still going strong, with another album in production, a new documentary on Paul's life  in the filming stage  called Follow That Dream (showing how one moment in life will decide your destiny) and his schedule for singing engagements grow's  more everyday.  

In 2003  along with  singing  Paul had a new interest.   Racing cars with his sons!!!  Yes  front wheel drive class racing at  ANDERSON  SPEEDWAY.  The team, which grew to a total of  20 cars and drivers for "Hillbilly Racing",  broke the track record for largest  team  ever in  a division !  they  also won  the first ever front wheel drive championship.  With Paul finishing in 7th place overall.

Wow 2004 has been great.  Paul has been performing for the Indianapolis
Colts, and the Pacers.  He was honored in Indianapolis Monthly as "The Best 
Live Stage Performance" stating "Paul Butler is more Elvis embodiment than impersonator.  A dead-ringer for the older, Vegas Elvis,  Butler has celebrated The King for 33 years.  Performing with The Graceland Boys, he croons evocative renditions of just about every number in the Elvis catalogue."  He was also highlighted in Dick Wolfsies book  "Indiana Curiosities  a collection of quirky characters".  

The city of Memphis, offered to fly Paul and the Graceland Boys to Boston to play for the National City Center Convention.  

Paul preformed the national anthem at the Little 500 at Anderson Speedway.

And for a great personal thrill he appeared in cameos at  WWE Smackdown, 
where he enjoyed meeting  a bevy of the wrestling entertainers.

The highlight of the 2004 Summer Tour was the release of a new album.
" Paul Butler and  The Graceland Boys Live On Tour".  Paul states he feels this is the best  sound and clarity  he's produced so far.

Since Paul doesn't stand still for very long, in 2005,   in his spare time ( what little there  is) he has ventured into the world of computers with the opening of Anderson Affordable Computers.  His hobby has turned into a business, where while relaxing  he repairs and builds custom computers.

2006, another year of traveling, and in Paul's words, enjoying the happy faces of all the fans.  Although  the shows seem to be more corporate parties than  other types.  As  we love these corporate shows, there is always the longing for the live  stage shows and interaction with all the fans. In the coming 2007,
Paul  has taken steps to insure that more live shows are included in the summer tour.

In 2007  Paul was featured in Life Magazine   2 times !!!!
One of the biggest thrills for the year was recording a new song at Sun Records, in the studio Elvis recorded  at....  "Peices Of My Life".

2008-2009  the touring kept Paul  on the go.  He preformed  96 shows  throughout  the 98 Days of Summer  Tour.  We met a lot of new friends/fans.   Along with our  original musicians  he enjoyed having other guest show up just to jam!!   What a great success.

Here it is 2010 and Paul continues to be  such a busy man  with the corporate shows and the live shows.  The 98 Days of Summer Tour is  filled with excitement and fun.  This year  he has added a  new female back up singer Angie Graham of Miss Molly fame and she is fabulous!!!  

2011 Has been challenging,  beginning  with repeating  bouts of  what seemed to be flu .  In March Paul went to Chicago  to audition for "X-Factor"

Upon return home he was very ill so once again we went to the doctor .  After xrays Doc told us he had pneumonia.  2 weeks later  the symptoms unrelieved with the medication  a new antibiotic was started.  After  another 2 weeks  with no relief  Doc ordered a CAT Scan and referred him to a pulmonologist.  The CAT Scan was questionable findings, the pulmonologist order a PET Scan.

The PET Scan revealed  Cancer in the right lung and on the right of the trachea.  But  during this time he was having allot more chest pain than  is contributed to  cancer and since he had  had a previous cardiac history ( and had 15 stents already) it was decided he was to see the cardiologist before any  steps  for the cancer could go further.  Upon visiting the cardiologist the news wasn't so great --- He had 3 blockages  2 -100% and 
1 -  95%.  He was taken into surgery and they placed 2 more stents but unfortunately  the 3rd area  (100% blocked) they were unable to stent.  Paul then underwent  a cardiac by pass .  But  after the bypass he didn't  have that bounce back feeling, the heart was out of rhythm.  He was in Atrial fibrillation.  The doctors tried to correct  it with medication but that was a no go, instead  he went into further irregular heart beats, going into Atrial Flutter and finally Bigemy (the heart was missing beats approximately every other beat)  The next step to help was a procedure called cardio-version,  and  there we met Dr T.  Doctor  T  took Paul in on August ,16 ,  2011 at 3:30pm (which was the same date and around the same time ELVIS  died in 1977, and Doctor T stated this fact was daunting) and after shocking his heart to stop it  the  restart ( which took a total of 3 full shocks)  his heart did re start and was converted. 
​august , 20 , 2011
Although this had been a dark time Paul  had made a comittment  earlier in the year and  4 days after the cardiversion  he was there.  He preformed at a gospel show  with some  of the most elite  great groups in the gospel music industry of today, Danny Norman, The Freemans, Gold City, and  Crystal River Band.   The show was uplifting and as usual he had everyone on their  feet clapping and singing along.

September , 5 , 2011
Finally  the treatments for the Cancer could start.  He began chemo therapy in September and  in October they added radiation.  Chemo continued  thru  december .  Radiation  continued to the middle  of December.  

Now  Paul is doing better. Not perfect he's dealing with after effects of the radiation  and weakness.  In January  he returns to the cardiologist and chemo doctor.  The plan is to repeat the PET Scan  to ensure everything is gone.

Whoo Hoo!!!!  It's January 2012  and the doctors have told us, after the chemo and radiation are now done,  THEY CAN'T   FIND  CANCER  NOW !!!
So now it's just follow ups for a while to keep looking but by the grace of God  he's healthy.

God has been right there thru this whole journey and He will continue to guide the way.  

    2013  Paul  will be  working on the release of a new gospel album. 

2013 Paul was in full swing playing music.  He sat in with Henry Lee Summers, and once again did his show as a guest performer at Noblesville Fishers Park.  During Elvis week Paul and his Partners In Crime made the Memphis vigil.  While there they recorded "Pledge of My Love" at Sam Phillips studio, produced by legend Roland Janes. Finishing the year with his Partners in Crime and the Relentless Band.

2014 Paul is coming out strong with the return of The Graceland Boys rehersing a brand new show  for the 98 days of Summer tour.   He is working furiously in and out of the studio on his new album.

  We have added my space  pages (  and facebook   to  keep the fans updated on his schedule and he loves  the fan chat!!!   Paul has once again appeared on "Across Indiana" as it was their 20th anniversary  show were  Paul had been voted the favorite of their segments. You  can see the segment (20years later where are they now)    on the my space pages / facebook / you tube.  

2015  Paul's continuous schedule is returning.  He's in the studio recording, to finish a new album for anticipated release June 2016, " HANGIN' ON".  As the Summer Concert Series closes to an end Paul is looking forward to 2016 Summer Concert Series and an album signing party for all the fans.   Paul has been chosen as 1 of 10  E T A's to star in the first  reality TV series "Just Like Elvis" with filming to begin early 2016.  This show will give 1st hand views of the life of an Elvis tribute artist thru their daily lives and performances.   Scheduled to air in fall of 2016.

As always music and the fans are a high priority with Paul as he continues
 to play, along with "The Graceland Boys", stage shows, club and private bookings, corporate parties, and proudly for the Indianapolis Pacers and Colts..

When we ask Paul is this enough,  with all you've done and the future plans 
he reply's - - -  "I feel my success comes from my love of GOD, mankind  in 
the world  and a belief that children are the answer for the future, they need 
to be nurtured with love and smiles.  How could  I ever say it's time to stop?
If for one brief second I can give a child or an adult a smile or a beautiful 
memory then I know in my heart  I'm accomplishing something and that 
makes it all wonderful.  For all we leave behind are memories; So I keep 
on keeping on.

This Man is wonderful and the love he shows for the music, the man and the 
fans is overwhelming.  You know when you've seen this man you've been
present for a true "Tribute to the King -  ELVIS"
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